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The dissolution of a marriage can be a confusing and emotionally charged experience. If you are facing a divorce, you may be well served to enlist the assistance of an experienced legal team for the guidance you need to find the most efficient and effective resolution to your proceedings.

At Young Law Firm, our family law attorney understands how difficult the divorce process can be and work to provide the detailed and compassionate assistance you need to guide your family through the process. Attorney Barbara Young is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Whether you are undergoing a traditional divorce in Bell County or require advanced attention to resolve property cases, military divorce matters, our experienced Temple divorce attorney has the in-depth experience and detailed knowledge needed to address your concerns.

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Going through a divorce is a difficult process as it is, but there are also many kinds of complicated circumstances that can make it even more complex. Fortunately, no matter what situation you are facing, our talented staff has the knowledge to tackle any case related to divorce.

Just some examples of the kinds of situations our Temple divorce attorneys have supported our clients with include:

Contested Divorce in Texas

When people hear the phrase “contested divorce,” they often assume that one of the divorcing parties does not want a separation, but this is not usually the case. In the state of Texas, a contested divorce refers to a situation where the two partners cannot come to an agreement about the specific divorce terms.

These circumstances could include a case where one party does not want to pay spousal support or alimony, or when another party has issues about the other’s rights to child custody and visitation, or even a scenario where former divorce terms need to be modified. In any of these scenarios, the individuals would need to go to court, which is why it is so critical to get legal advice from our dedicated divorce attorneys in Texas.

How to Divorce Amicably in Texas

If you and your spouse can agree on all of the major components in your divorce, such as child custody, alimony, child support, visitation rights, and property division, filing for an uncontested divorce may be an option for you. This is also known as a "dissolution of marriage" in Texas.

According to Tex. Fam. Code § 6.301, filing for an uncontested divorce also requires that either you or your spouse have lived in Texas for at least 6 months before filing and that you have resided for at least 90 days in the county you are filing. You must also come to an agreement on the reason for your divorce, whether it is a "fault" or "no-fault" divorce. Both are acceptable in TX, according to Tex. Fam. Code §§ 6.001-6.007.

Do You Have to Be Separated for a Year to Get a Divorce in TX?

No, you do not have to be separated for a year to get a divorce in Texas. This is because Texas does not have a legal separation requirement. However, there is a 60-day waiting period after you file for divorce before finalizing the divorce.

This designed waiting period gives you and your spouse time to reconsider your decision to divorce. If you and your spouse agree on all the terms of your divorce, you can file for an uncontested divorce. This type of divorce is typically faster and less expensive than a contested divorce.

However, if you and your spouse cannot agree on all the terms of your divorce, you must file for a contested divorce. This type of divorce can be more complex and time-consuming.

If you are considering getting a divorce in Texas, it is crucial to speak with an attorney to discuss your circumstances and to get help navigating the divorce process.

Is Texas a 50/50 Divorce State?

No, Texas is not a 50/50 divorce state. Instead, Texas is a "community property" state, which means that all property acquired during the marriage is considered to be owned equally by both spouses. This includes property titled in just one spouse's name and property acquired with separate funds.

A judge will consider a variety of factors when dividing property in a divorce, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The contributions of each spouse to the acquisition of the property
  • The economic circumstances of each spouse
  • The needs of any children of the marriage
  • Any other factors the court deems relevant

While a 50/50 split is often the result, it is only sometimes the case. In some cases, the court may award one spouse more of the property than the other, depending on the case's specific circumstances.

It is important to note that property division is just one part of a divorce. The court must also address child custody, child support, and alimony issues. Therefore, if you are considering divorce, you must speak with an experienced family law attorney to discuss your options.

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The ultimate goal of getting a divorce is being able to start your life anew. However, the road to this can be complicated and messy. Even if your spouse is leaving amicably, the legal elements can greatly slow the process and cost an exorbitant amount of your savings.

Whatever your specific divorce concerns may be, our Temple divorce lawyers work diligently to provide the effective and accessible guidance you need to find the most favorable and efficient resolutions possible for your situation.

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