Killeen Office


  • My experience with them have been a joy.
    My search for attorneys have really not been a good experience until I was referred to Young & Libersky. My experience with them have been a joy. They provide great customer service,they return calls and they have made this experience so easy for me and my kids. I will definitely refer them to anyone seeking a attorney. I rate them a 5 star.

    - Debbie H.

  • Amazing Attorney

    Going into a custody case, as a father, you don't expect much, due to the misconception that mothers always get custody. Lynn went above and beyond on my case, from the time of our initial consultation through after our case was complete. He answered all of my questions within a matter of hours. He was attentive to all information that was provided and ensured that the judge was able to see that I was the more fit parent. Lynn continued to look out for the best interest of my son, throughout the entirety of my case. His paralegal, Toni, was also a pleasure to work with throughout everything.


    - Joe

  • Excellent Firm
    An excellent firm that explains your options and acts quickly to represent your interests.

    - Doug E.

  • Barbara Young and her team are fabulous.

    Barbara Young and her team are fabulous. They are caring and compassionate as well as top in her field of law. I highly recommend Mrs. Young for any of your family law needs.

    - Paul

  • Outstanding attorney

    I have hired Barbara 3 times for modifications to my custody with my son’s father. She has always been the utmost professional. She is strategic and highly intelligent. She has integrity and will always be honest with you and with the court. While she may be more expensive than some attorneys in the area, she is worth every dime. I hired a less expensive attorney for my original custody fight & regretted it. I would have come out cheaper, in the end, had I hired Barbara from the beginning. I can’t sing her praises enough! I highly recommend her. You won’t regret hiring her!
    Her staff is also always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.


    - Jennifer

  • Worth every penny
    I was completely bewildered at the thought of divorcing I love my family. However, since my divorce was unavoidable and Young & Libersky was the right place for me. They were consummate professionals and explained everything until I understood. They took care of me and my interest very well.
    I would recommend anyone Y&L without reservations to anyone who needs a divorce attorney. As a matter of fact I already have.

    - Antonio

  • I highly recommend this office!
    I have to say that these people are amazingly helpful and clear. I am going thru an ugly divorce and Mr. Libersky and his assistant Toni are making things a lot easier than I thought. They work around the clock and within hours,they were already working on my case.
    I want to mention that my anxiety was over the roof before all this, because I am European and there are things that I hardly understand here in the States but they really take care of you.
    From the moment I talked to them over the phone I was at ease.
    I highly recommend this office!

    - Alexandra P.

  • Fantastic Lawyer

    Mr. Libersky and everyone in his office always took the time to answer my questions, no matter how many times I asked the question. They walked me through the entire process of my divorce, they were very professional, and the fees were reasonable.

    - Tobbie

  • A man of integrity

    Mr Libersky has done so much for me in my court case, a case that seems to be never ending by my opponent. Mr Libersky has been very upfront with me on all issues regarding my case. He has never led me to think of the impossible. Each time I call his office or send an email, I get a response before that day is up. This team has been awesome to be on my side. I know they are personally vested in each and every case. They have a deep caring of their clients. Mr Libersky and his team have the highest of integrity. I would recommend Mr. Libersky for any of your family law needs.


    - Sherina

  • Best lawyer in Bell County

    Lynn has been my lawyer for many, many years. His wife Nita is amazing!!! Years ago she literally dropped everything she was doing (on a Friday night) and drove 3 hours away to have my ex-husband served papers!!! Throughout the years my custody agreements have changed multiple times, and each time, he's gotten the job done with excellent service, in a timely manner. I highly recommend Lynn & his amazing staff!!!

    - Tanya

  • Highly recommended

    I am very pleased with Mr. Libersky, he has taken every step needed to help with my case and to help keep my little one safe. They have made me feel very comfortable and I am very pleased with the outcome. Very quick at getting back to me and on top of every move. I am very pleased and highly recommend Mr. Libersky to be your next attorney and savior!

    - Amber

  • The right attorney

    After meeting with several attorneys, I knew Lynn was the attorney for my case. He and his staff care very much about each case and work not only in your best interest but in the best interest for your whole situation for the long term. He and his staff have decades of experience and it shows. He handled my case with a very difficult opposing side who has been more interesting in mud-slinging than doing what's best for the situation. He was able to get a very good resolution in my case. He and his staff showed abundant care and knowledge about my case. There was never an issue contacting him or his staff and communication was quickly returned. In legal cases, emotions can run high. He and his staff not only help you manage that but also will tell you the truth (which may not always be what you want to hear, but it will be what you need to hear). If you want an attorney with integrity, respect, and who will fight for you; then Lynn, Nita, and Toni are the team you want to have on your side.


    - Tim

  • The Fixer

    My friends and I refer to Mr. Libersky as -The Fixer, because he fixes all of the screw-ups made by other attorneys. I have recommended him to a countless number of friends who needed help when they were shafted in their divorce cases. Mr. Libersky is level-headed, knowledgeable, and fair. He will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. His strong sense of ethics is beyond measure. In the ten years that I have used his services (divorce, child support modification) he has always demonstrated a sincere concern for my legal needs and always provided legal representation without judgment. His willingness to answer any questions or concerns that may arise before, during, and after your case is closed is what separates him from the rest. Cost for services is always made clear. Helping others always seems to take precedence over any type of billing. Over the years, Lynn, Nita and Toni have made calls and answered questions without a charge! They are truly a wonderful and helpful team. I will continue to recommend their services without any hesitation to anyone and everyone that I meet!


    - Cicely