Effective Representation From Experienced Legal Counsel

Effective Representation From Experienced Legal Counsel

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Expanding Your Family Through Adoption

Adoption is one of the happiest moments in any family’s life. Moreover, it is one that we enjoy here at Young & Libersky as well. Whether it is adopting a stepchild or adopting a child in need of a loving family, our attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of adoption law here in Texas.

With more than 35 years of combined legal experience in practicing here in Killeen and Temple, attorneys Barbara Young and Lynn Libersky strive to minimize the impact of this complicated and often lengthy process has upon the children and their anxious parents. We go through this process step by step with you, providing guidance based on firsthand experience and an understanding of the laws here.

Common Parental Issues In Adoption

Adoption is a legal arrangement that involves more than just signing the papers.

  • Generally speaking, any adult can adopt a child, although those 12 and older have to give their consent.
  • There is an extensive amount of paperwork to fill out.
  • There is a series of studies/reports done by social workers with possible hearings.

Stepparent Adoption In Texas

The most common type of adoption in Texas involves stepparents. There are two steps to this:

  • The termination of the other parent’s rights to the child
  • File the petition to adopt the child

Other Kinds Of Adoption

Our lawyers can also help with a number of other kinds of adoption:

  • Recognition of international adoptions that have already occurred abroad
  • Adoption of adults such as aged-out former foster children
  • Contested adoptions during or after the fact

Parents here in Texas have many options regarding how they want to expand their family. Our experienced guidance can help ensure that it happens in a timely manner with the least amount of stress possible.

Contact Us With Your Adoption Questions

To speak with an attorney, call our Temple office at 254-774-1996 or our Killeen office at 254-526-6969. We can also be reached online.