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How Child Custody Impacts Vacation Plans

As summer vacation quickly approaches, many parents are beginning to plan safe trips with their children. However, divorced parents must consider their custody agreement when finalizing their destinations and travel methods. If you are a co-parent considering a vacation with your child, here are some key things you must remember.

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Does Vacation Time Violate Your Custody Agreement?

One of the first steps you should take and, perhaps, the most crucial factor in your planning is to check your official custody agreement to see if there are provisions in place for a vacation. A provision like this in your agreement for short summer trips makes your situation easier to handle.

If your custody agreement does not mention anything about vacations with your child, remember that your agreement must still be followed. There are ways to obey your custody order while following through on your vacation plans.

Informal Agreements Regarding Vacation Time

Depending on your relationship with your ex-spouse, it is possible to come to an informal agreement about vacation time should nothing be specified in your custody order. In this scenario, you must immediately notify the other parent of your vacation plans. In addition, you should be prepared to provide information related to lodging arrangements and telephone numbers.

If vacation plans interfere with average visitation time, coming to an alternative arrangement with the other parent outside of court is possible. However, the court must communicate these plans to ensure the custody order is followed.

Modification of Child Custody Agreements

Suppose the relationship between you and your ex-spouse is less than friendly. In that case, the chances of working out an informal arrangement may be slim without using a neutral third party to help facilitate communication. In these circumstances, it is possible to seek a modification to your custody agreement to allow for vacation time. If modification is necessary, you and your ex-spouse will attend a mediation session with your attorneys and a neutral mediator to attempt to reach a solution. If you cannot compromise, your case will be heard by a judge who will make the final determination.

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