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Federal charges often come with the possibility of the most severe penalties any defendant will ever face. Whether you are charged with a violent crime like assault, domestic violence, or even murder, any positive solution starts with speaking to our seasoned Killeen and Temple federal criminal matter lawyers. At Young & Libersky, we understand what is truly at stake for you and your family. Our team knows you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, but we will go through this process with you and explain your options each step of the way.

With a combined 50 years of legal excellence, attorneys Barbara Young and Lynn Libersky have extensive trial-tested experience in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas and represent a wide range of clients from all occupations, including veterans. We tenaciously defend your rights to the full extent of the law.

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Kinds of Federal Charges We Defend

Offenses that can be federally charged are often much more complex. This is why it is so critical to have the advocacy of knowledgeable attorneys. Unlike normal cases, federal cases will involve an exponential amount of scrutiny, in addition to severe consequences. The potential for vast complications is entirely dependent on the type of federal charge placed against you.

Fortunately, our dedicated team has significant experience in dealing with federal charges involving situations such as:

  • Offenses related to drug use, possession, manufacturing, and trafficking
  • Fraud in financial matters, such as banking, securities, and evasion of IRS taxes
  • Embezzlement and bribery
  • Laundering money
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Interstate crimes
  • Charges of federal homicide and murder
  • Charges of federal online sex crimes
  • Charges of breaking federal environmental laws

Consequences You Could Face for Federal Crimes

While receiving penalties for any crime is unpleasant, the consequences of a federal conviction can be extremely harsh and excruciatingly long-lasting. Those convicted of a federal crime face a number of legal, personal, and professional issues.

Some of the consequences that may arise from a conviction include:

  • Extensive jail time, ranging from two years to 99 years, depending on the class level of your charge
  • Substantial fines, costing between $2,000 and $10,000, even for the lowest class of felony
  • Exorbitant fees for restitution and probation
  • Loss of occupational or professional license and the accompanying income
  • Drastic impact on your individual reputation and future employment opportunities
  • Loss of your Second Amendment right to keep and carry a gun

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Our reputation for clear communication with our clients and the tenacious defense of their rights is well-known here in Temple, Killeen and Temple, and the surrounding area. Each case is unique, but we are committed to providing the highest level of legal defense to our clients. Our team at Young & Libersky is experienced in understanding how the federal court system works. We can identify weaknesses in even the most intricate argument raised by the prosecution. No matter how challenging the case may be, we are dedicated to finding the most beneficial outcome to your legal issues.

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